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Tut-question/answer About Wimax Bm622 + Config Patch Protection

Discussion in 'Internet Service Providers' started by windskyler, Nov 21, 2012.

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    :) Kung wala pa kayo Protection Sa Wimax Ito na yon Na Pinalakas na Protection! :heart:
    Question: Ano ba ang nagagawang proteksyon ng Config Patch?
    Answer: Kaya nitong pangalagaan ang modem mo via remote access,.
    at kahit ilang restoredef ka pa ay default na sya sa safemode..

    Eto po ang tutorial kung paano sya gawin ng madali at walang halong pangamba..

    1st: Mag login lang po sa GUI ng wimax as administrator.. ( )


    2nd: Mag punta po sa Advance > ACL at alisin ang check sa maliit na box sa WAN..


    3rd: Mag punta naman po sa Maintain > Device > Configuration > Then click Download Configuration File


    4th: Palitan nang pangalan ang na dowload na file.. gawing " downloadcarconfigfile.xml "


    5th: Pumunta naman sa Maintain > Device > Advanced at i upload ang " downloadcarconfigfile.xml " na ginawa nyo..


    Matapos po ang lahat ng ginawa nyo.. Goto Maintain > Device > Reset then click Restore default Configuration


    Pag nag reboot na ang wimax sure na kahit ilang restoredef ang gawin nyo ay safety na ang tabo nyo.. wala na kayong pangamba na baka magkamali sa pag eedit ng Configfile.

    Pwede nyo muna baguhin ang lahat ng gusto nyo baguhin bago i download ang configfile..

    Ex: Qos - i set mo na agad sya sa value of 63 para kahit mag change mac ka automatic na sa 63.. except on freq hindi mo sya kaya i fixed sa gusto mo..

    @All sa mga nahihirapan gawin ang tutorial, download nyo nalang ang default config nyo at i upload sa mediafire or i attach nyo dito..
    then paki PM nyo nalang sakin ang direct link ng uploaded default configuration nyo.. @ ako na po gagawa para sa inyo .. [IMG]


    #Frequency Tune-Up (Intermediate level) (Wimax BM622)

    So you're already connected to the Internet but having unstable connection? then just follow along..

    There are many factors regarding our Wimax's stability but the common are signal, frequency and the MAC itself.

    MAC - if other users uses the same MAC as you, frequent disconnections etc.
    Signal - We need the strongest signal possible, using external antenna might work.
    Frequencies - Every area differs stable frequencies, so you might need to do "The process of elimination."

    To stabilize our connection we need to tune-up our frequencies.

    First we need to access our modem with Administrator right.
    Follow the steps in Procedure #1-4

    1. go to ""

    2. view as html source by right clicking on the page and "select view page source"

    3. may mag po pop na page which is the source page. go to Edit and click find

    4. sa "find" type or copy paste mo ito "InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface"

    you will be directed to the string and see something like this

    var UserInfo = new Array(new stUserInfo("InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ ATP_UserInfo.1","admin","Heres the password","2","null"),new stUserInfo("InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ ATP_UserInfo.2","user","user","1","null"),null);
    "InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_Use rInf o.1"

    Switch back to your browser type
    Username ---> admin
    Password ---> paste your admin password

    In your wimax GUI:
    Click ---> WiMAX tab
    Click ---> Scanset
    Now take note of all the Frequencies listed as we're gonna test each one of them.


    Isolate one frequency you want to test then delete everything else.
    Click ---> "Apply"
    Download any torrent or IDM files, observe which frequency will perform best, repeat isolation procedure until you're satisfy.

    Tip: If for example the most stable frequency in your area is 2612000 then that's the only frequency you'll ever need within your area, unless Globe upgrade or something.
    Ok start Question now! sasagutin ko hanggat alam ko, yung iba sa inyo kung ano alam nyo share din po tulungan tayo!
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    Salamat Win :)
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    pag na config patch kona sir pwedi kopa ba ma change ang mac using ung mac changer? baka kasi dia ako makapag change ng mac using syntax

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